The Boba Files: Amor Cafe and Tea (San Jose, CA)

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File #017: It’s a TEA-sasterous Life

“He profits most who serves best.” - Arthur F. Sheldon

Let me start off by saying that Amor had possibly the best milk tea around the Downtown San Jose area, especially when a couple years back, you were limited to either Tapioca Express, Quickly’s or Hydration (which is now replaced by Boba Bar).

How the milk tea cups used to look like.
I’ve been a frequent visitor whenever I’m in the area and that often means whenever I decide to go to FanimeCon. During that time (about 2 years ago), I filled up an entire stamp card, but haven’t gone back to redeem itfor many reasons. Usually it was because I forgot to bring the stamp card along.

So last week, I was determined to finally use my stamp card and get rid of it to make space in my wallet. I had my stamp card ready, my proper walking shoes strapped on (the company I work at is a few blocks away from Amor) and money to cover the remainder cost.

Having deprived myself from milk tea ever since I started working in Downtown San Jose, I was eager to satisfy my boba craving. Not to mention, I was having a rough week at work juggling multiple projects (quite the doozy, but I like a challenge). So after a brisk 15 minute walk, I arrived at the front steps of Amor.

School wasn’t in session yet, so the only other person inside was a guy on his laptop.

And this is where everything went wrong. In an ideal scenario, Amor would’ve accepted my stamp card, gave me my milk tea and I would’ve went on my merry way. But that wasn’t how things went. You probably already had a feeling where this was going judging from the headline and the opening.

I went up to the counter and handed the girl my stamp card and she gave it an odd look and took it to the back to ask her manager. Afterwards, she returned and told me that she can’t accept my stamp card because she doesn’t recognize the signatures on the stamp boxes.


I told her that the stamp card was about 2 years ago, but there isn’t an expiration indication on the card, so they should still be able to take it.

She said that the manager (who I also assume is the owner) doesn’t recognize the signatures and she’s been here since the beginning.

At this point, you’re probably thinking to yourself: why are you still there, Amy? Turn around, leave and slam the door in their faces for such poor customer service. Yes… well, I didn’t walk all this way just to walk all the way back empty handed. So I forked over the $3.49 for the oolong milk tea (my favorite from Amor, ever since my cousin introduced me to this place) and walk out. Angry, but mostly disappointed.

The current cups are large. They no longer offer the small cups.
This isn’t any way to treat a customer.

Especially one who has been to your store a minimum of five times (5 boxes per stamp card), not counting the times where I didn’t bring my card.

For something as miniscule as a stamp card, you are going to lose a customer’s loyalty. After all, there was no way for me to prove that those signatures were legitimate, but why should I feel the need to in the first place? I went into the store with a filled card and an expectation for milk tea, but I walked out with a bitter taste in my mouth.

A customer should not be held accountable for whether or not the manager remembers all his or her employees’ signature I repeat: there was no expiration on the card.

Is the trade off worth it? They probably thought that I forged the signatures and were trying to cheat them off a cup of milk tea (which by the way, isn’t completely covered by the stamp card. The stamp card only covers $2.50 and most of their drinks were $3.00+).A cup of milk tea over a lifetime of milk tea?

For being frugal and petty, I will no longer visit Amor. I much rather give my money to Thirst Tea or hell, even Quickly’s than Amor. And that says a lot seeing as how much Quickly’s I consumed over the course of my college years.

So this is my warning to all Amor customers: your stamp card has an expiration. It is whatever the manager deems it is.

And this is my advice to Amor: have a better record of your employees’ signatures. Don’t trust your own memory! And treat your customers better.

What is your worst experience at a boba shop? And do you still go back? If so, why?

110 E Fernando St
San Jose, CA 95112

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  1. It's unreasonable if anything's relying on memory. For shops like Fantasia where the loyalty card is used for multiple branches, the signature excuse would not work.

    And like you mentioned, it doesn't even cover the cost of a cup of milk tea! Rude and ridiculous...that's why I appreciate shops that uses the Five Star program--at least I wouldn't have to deal with "my manager doesn't remember the signatures" explanations.