Rok (San Jose, CA)

7:30:00 AM

We will, We will ROK you

Before I start, is it just me or are there a bunch of restaurants out there that purposely misspell the name of their restaurants in attempt to sound hip and cool?

Because most of the time, it just comes off precocious and difficult when you’re trying to spell it out in a text or tell a friend. Autocorrect is not friendly with words like “ROK,” nor is Microsoft Word as I sit here and type out this lovely blog post.

Squiggly red lines galore!

I don’t know about you, but those lines bother me, but I’m against adding this into the vocabulary dictionary because I know I don’t use it often enough to warrant an addition.

Argghh! #spellingproblems

Thus, ends my public service announcement.

Moving on!

As my lucky draw has it, the TARDIS decided that single name restaurants are the next best thing to review after depleting the list of Japanese restaurants I’ve visited in Sunnyvale. 

Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidays!

Rok is a steakhouse located in the fairly new plaza built on the edge of First Street. They’re located in the same plaza as Chick Fil A, Sweet Tomatoes, Walgreens and etc. You’re probably wondering, how did I end up at Rok in the first place? Well back in January, I worked temporarily for this company and they decided to go there for their quasi-Christmas/New Year’s Holiday Lunch.

Now, the perfect way to summarize Rok is a higher class version of Pepper Lunch, Americanized and with higher quality meat on a slab of super hot volcanic rock.

Pretty nifty, in a novelty sort-of-way, if I say so myself.

The restaurant has an industrial garage type of feel with the high ceilings, exposed pipes, and dark walls. We sat there and ate for a good hour and a half and during that time the restaurant never got overly crowded. I reckon a steakhouse isn’t too big with the lunch crowd.

I haven’t been to many steakhouses in my life, so I didn’t know what to order. And in fact, I don’t quite… remember my order. #fail

If one of my lovely readers has a better knowledge of their meats and would kindly inform me what kind of cut I got, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm having flashbacks to lunches back in elementary school.
For my two sides, I got the mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

As mentioned before, the DIY process is a novelty. It’s “fun” cooking your own food and you can slice and dice and cook it to the right temperature for yourself. Or if you want to skip all of that, they can also prepare it in the kitchen for you. But what’s the fun in that?

Other than that, there’s nothing all that great about Rok. The mashed potatoes were alright. The steamed vegetables were mediocre. The meat didn’t have much flavor outside of the sauce they provided you.

A couple of my coworkers also ordered steaks while one ordered a pasta and my ex-superior ordered a salad.

Apparently he wasn’t a fan of red meat for lunch.

For sure, it’s not a place I would go on my spare time, but since it was a company’s lunch, it’s worth mentioning. I don’t recommend bringing kids here simply because hot volcanic rock + children = a recipe for disaster.

Appetizers, Salads & Flatbreads
Soups and Entrees on the Rok
Other Entrees, Sandwiches, Pasta and Burgers
Desserts, Kid's Menu and Beverages

Did Rok rock your socks or was it like a lump of coal in your stockings? Are there any novelty restaurants/food that’s actually worth trying? I am pretty impressed by liquid nitrogen ice cream.

4130 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95134

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