Spreadz (Santa Clara, CA)

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Spreadz-- Everything but hold the Onions

Tucked in the center of a business park, surrounded by other businesses (specifically encircled by Nvidia), you need a dash of luck and a bucket of snooping to find this gem of a sandwich shop. Opened a few months ago, this family owned sandwich shop caters to the breakfast and lunch crowds that work in the area.

Drive too quickly and you’ll miss it. It’s a small deli sandwich shop and they’re only opened Monday to Fridays during normal business working hours (meaning from 8 AM to 5 PM) but don’t let that hold you back. If you happen to be in the area, I recommend stopping by for a bite.

They serve tasty sandwiches on warm Dutch Crunch and Sourdough bread and a quick check on their yelp page shows that they use Boar Head’s deli meats and cheeses. And if you’ve never tried Dutch Crunch, it’s hands down, my favorite type of bread. I'm sorry potato bread! I still love you! Now, I don’t know what they put on top of the bread for it to provide such a loud crunch, but it’s amazing, while still remaining chewy and fluffy inside.

And if you wonder just what kind of drinks do they have to accompany your sandwich, look no further. It’s as if they raided a 7 Eleven and stole their entire drink aisle because it’s hard to stare at that drink display and not find something that fits your taste. You have soda, coffee, tea, juice, energy drinks and etc. Basically anything that you may want that’s not alcoholic is in their drink choices. In fact, where can I buy one because I want that in my house. Can it also be self-refilling?

Okay, that was overkill, but it's so beautiful.

Anyways, on the few times I've been here, I've gotten their tri tip sandwich (Friday’s Special, must try!) pastrami sandwich and their turkey sandwich, all delicious and props to Spreadz for serving half sandwiches as well. Not only that, they also offer soup and while I’ve only tried the clam chowder (creamy and hearty with lots of clam), they also serve chili. I’m not sure if it changes daily or if those two a permanent staple to the menu. I like how they put a lot of care in assembling the sandwich and the ingredients they use are definitely fresh.

The people who work at Spreadz are warm, helpful and accommodating, even when it gets a crazy during the lunch rush. And seeing how Specialty’s parking lot has been reduced to such a miniscule size, Spreadz look much more pleasing. Not to mention, it’s a walkable distance from work.

My philosophy: I exercise to eat more.

EDIT: Since this entry, Spreadz has updated their menu. I was informed of that when I tried to call and place an order the other day and found out they no longer had one of the menu items. So I headed over and took photos of the new menu for you guys to take a look.

Do you have a favorite sandwich shop? Have you ever tried Dutch Crunch? Is there a lunch place you swear by that’s near your work?

2348 Walsh Ave.
Suite G
Santa Clara, CA 95051

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