Super Duper Burgers (San Jose, CA)

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Super Duper Burgers-- to the rescue!

Joking aside, if you call yourself Super Duper Burgers, you better live up to that name and expectation. Luckily for me and everybody else, these burgers did not disappoint.

Located in the recently renovated food court in Valley Fair Mall, Super Duper Burgers is essentially a fast food restaurant that serves gourmet level burgers. They were higher than your average McDonalds and Burger King or Five Guys and In-n-Out, and they probably sit comfortably between a restaurant like Smashburger and the burger joint down the street, The Counter.

Blurry. My stomach may have won the battle between taking steady photos or eating.
The menu is very simple in respects that you have two choices when it comes to a burger. You either get a regular burger which is one patty or the super which comes with two. If you want cheese, bacon, avocado, organic egg, portobello mushroom or cambozola blue (which I’m assuming is cheese…)  it’s an additional cost, but a lot of the toppings are also free.

Along with a beef burger, they also have a chicken sandwich, veggie burger, salads, fries and a variety of ice cream cones, organic shakes and alcohol. Yes, you heard that right. Super Duper Burger will sell you wine or beer on tap. I personally never tried their drinks since I usually either already have a drink on hand from another place or will get a milk tea of some sort after my meal, but it seems like their lemonade is really popular.

Front view

Side view. They toast the buns on the grill before stacking the burger. So it holds up well.
Top View. Cheesy, garlicky goodness
The two times I’ve eaten there, I got a regular burger with bacon (totally worth it!) and “everything on it,” besides the red onions with a side of garlic fries. The garlic fries are incredibly flavorful and I love how they tossed it before serving it to you instead of just throwing a handful of fries and topping it with a spoonful of garlic. They serve it with a generous amount of white cheddar cheese, which adds to the richness of the fries. At the same time, the fries are greasy and one time it was incredibly greasy so I think it depends on who is tossing your fries in the kitchen. Sometimes they may have a heavy hand on the garlic oil. Nevertheless, it still tasted good, but was harder to finish when they cooled down.

Definitely worth a revisit whenever I stop by Valleyfair Mall. In general, they did a fantastic job in renovating the food court area. It look modern and classy, even with some impractical seating. Next time, I may want to try the chicken sandwich with the chipotle aioli for a kick!

Are these burgers super duper? Or just so-so? If so, where do you prefer going for your burgers?

2855 Stevens Creek Blvd
Ste 2465
San Jose, CA 95128

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  1. Couple of my friends have been to this Super Duper Burger joint and they told me that they serve delicious and heavenly burgers. I am so jealous of them as there most of Boston restaurants are still following the old path.

    1. The burgers are great! It's not the best (overall), but definitely one of the best things to come out of a mall food court. I'm sure there's a charm to Boston's restaurants. I heard there are many fantastic places to eat there. Definitely on my list of places to visit.