Andersen Bakery (Milpitas, CA)

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Creamy French. Hands down. My Childhood.

For as long as I can remember, Andersen Bakery was more of a luxury than a place my family would frequent. And that in itself was pretty ironic because I used to frequent Great Mall so often in high school. But even then, I rarely went into that shop.

However, every now and then I remember one of my aunts taking me along to Great Mall and stopping by Andersen Bakery (which is often packed with people in line) and ordering the Creamy French and offering me some.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Creamy French, it’s crack. And possibly the best tasting crack you ever tasted.

I’m kidding. But not really. Essentially, it’s a long thin French baguette, sliced in half and filled with custard. The custard is the crack bit. I would gladly buy a jar of it if they packaged it for sale. You can buy it whole or have them slice it up for easy sharing. It’s delicious and calorie-filled, but it made me so happy. And I still get giddy sometimes when I decide to treat myself to some. 

As for all the other baked goods and breads they offered, I have never tried them. I love bread and pastries as much as any other person, but for one reason or another, I never bought anything else besides the Creamy French from the store.

So, one day when I was wandering around the mall, I decided to go have lunch at Andersen Bakery. It was a late lunch during the week day and the majority of the lunch crowd has already cleared out, which means I was able to grab a seat.

I ordered a chicken salad sandwich on raisin bread because apparently that’s usually the go-to bread, but you can substitute and choose other breads. Along with that, I ordered a cup of clam chowder.

I had no idea that the clam chowder came with two pieces of bread though. That was a shocker since, at that point, I realized I ordered way too much food.

Thankfully the chicken salad sandwich wasn’t too heavy and made on the spot. The reason I said that was because you can also buy the “pre-made” sandwiches and those were cheaper. The sandwich was filled with sprouts, lettuce, cucumbers and tomato alongside the well-seasoned and not-too-much mayo chicken salad.

This location gets a lot of foot traffic since it’s inside Great Mall and it can get pretty loud, but I can see why so many people visit this place. They offer many variety of breads and European pastries, but generally it’s a grab-and-go type of place. It gets especially crowded during the weekdays when the lunch crowds from the nearby companies head over for lunch, but otherwise it shouldn't be too hard to find a seat.

Are you a big fan of the Creamy French? Or do you favor something else? I heard the jalapeno bread is good. Or is Andersen Bakery just that store you pass by when you want to get to H&M, Hollister and Guess?

270 Great Mall Dr.
Milpitas, CA 95035

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