The Boba Files: Black Pearl (San Jose, CA)

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File #007: But you have heard of me...

“I’m Captain Jack Sparrow.”

Cue the Pirates of Caribbean music.

If Black Pearl (the store) was a pirate ship, the Captain and First Mate would be college students and the ship hands would be high school students because that’s typically their main clientele.

After the success of their first store located on Sierra Road-- just a short walk away from Piedmont High School-- Black Pearl opened a new store on Oakland and Murphy in a new center that also opened earlier this year. They’re tucked away in the corner next to Yogurtland, an optometry office and the hard-to-miss City Sports.

This store front is bigger and a touch more modern and bright than the Sierra Road location. Their menu is listed up on screens which allows for easy access to the menu. They painted the side of their counter with chalk paint, so often you see new drawings and writings on the side when you come in.

They offer your usual boba drinks (black milk tea, jasmine milk tea and etc.), but they also offer “MYOF” (mix your own flavors) drinks. I was never courageous enough to combine anything together when I went to the Sierra Road store and I still tend to try away from trying my hand in mixing flavors. They do have some combinations that are already combined for your safety and tasting though. Drinks with names like WTF and IDK are sure to catch your attention when looking for a new drink to try.

Along with drinks, Black Pearl offer a lot of snacks to satisfy any mid-afternoon or late night cravings. Pandan waffles? CHECK. Fries? CHECK. Popcorn Chicken? CHECK. Pho? CHECK.

No I’m not pulling your leg.

Just recently, Black Pearl is offering Pho at their restaurant. Whether or not it tastes good, you would have to go try it and tell me about it.

Tiger Jasmine Milk Tea: Thai Tea + Jasmine Milk Tea
What I don’t recommend though is trying to smuggle Black Pearl drinks into the movie theater. My friend and I learned it the hard way two weeks ago when we wanted to bring in drinks before the Big Hero 6 showing. The cups and lids are extremely flimsy, so it’s very easy to for the milk tea to leak out onto the side of the lid.

But normal people should not run into this problem.

Because normal people wouldn’t try to smuggle milk tea into the movie theaters. If they sold milk tea IN the theater, we wouldn’t have this problem.

(That’s not the point, Amy..)

Otherwise, Black Pearl is a great and convenient place to stop by after a workout at the gym, or if you wanted a drink after grabbing a bite from Pieology. Parking, much like many places I’ve reviewed so far, can be difficult during dinner time, but still nowhere as difficult as trying to snag a parking spot in the Pacific Rim II plaza not too far over with the recently opened Gong Cha.

But that’s another post.

Perhaps Black Pearl isn’t going to win this Boba War raging between the different plazas, but you can’t argue as to who has the best name. Gong Cha, Bambu, Hello Desserts, Happiness Cafe,  and the yet-to-open Sharetea does not sound nearly as good as Black Pearl.

I’m sure Jack Sparrow will agree with me on that. Though I'm also sure he preferred they spiked his drink with rum...

Are there any boba shops with names that can take over Black Pearl’s throne? I’m personally a fan of “Fantasia,” even if it does give me Disney-vibes. Since it’s Black Friday, what kind of damage have been done? Or are you like me, and you sleep through Black Friday and do all her shopping online?

1055 E. Brokaw Rd.
Ste 40
San Jose, CA 95131

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  1. Normal is overrated! Cheers for the good memories and times from smuggling milk tea into Big Hero 6! :D

    1. Who cares if we came off as slightly insane trying to figure out a way to deal with our milk tea in the parking lot? Haha.