Sleepless in Seattle: Pike Place Chower Co. (Seattle, WA)

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Get Chowder or Die Trying

Early November, I took an impromptu weekend trip to Seattle with a group of coworkers and friends. In the few days we were in Seattle, we managed to pack in a flurry of activities and rack up 120+ miles between the 6 of us.

On a rainy Saturday, our group made our way to Pike Place Market to explore the famous market and all it has to offer.

Because we came off season and during the rainy season, we were able to avoid a majority of the crowds, though it felt just as crowded with the amount of umbrellas and people bundled up in their giant coats.

One observation I noticed  about Seattle is that people in Seattle don’t use umbrellas. They brush it off like it was simply water-- which it was, but it didn’t bother them enough to pull out an umbrella.

We stood out like sore thumbs because we moved like a band of mushrooms, jumping from one place to the other, hiding behind our umbrellas as a safety blanket.

Pike Place Chowder Co. is a must visit for anyone visiting Seattle and especially during a wet and cold day, much like ours.

World famous for their chowder, it was a no-brainer to add to my must-try list when we decided to visit Seattle, that and perhaps Starbucks, but this is subjective, of course.

FYI: I did go to Starbucks.

The line was long and snaked down the gift shop and around the corner and through another door.

It moved quickly though because they’re quick and efficient at what they do. And come on, ladling soup should only take so long.

I chose the classic: New England Clam Chowder ($5.95). On such a cold day, nothing hit the spot quite like creamy chowder filled with meaty clams and smoky bacon.

Worth the price? Eh… $6 for a tiny bowl (8 oz.) of soup is a rip-off, no matter how you look at it, but it’s expected. Pike Place Market is a tourist attraction, after all.

They don't skimp on the clams. 
Seating is limited as expected, but there’s outdoor seating if a little rain and cold doesn’t bother you. We took ours to go and stood outside slurping our chowder.

Was it good? You know it’s good when nobody speaks when eating.

What is a must try around Pike Place Market? I wanted to try The Pink Door, but we weren’t able to make last minute reservations. Though, we did make it The Biscuit Bitch!

1530 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101

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