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Crust me, I’m on a Roll~

This weekend is the grand opening of the newest branch of 85°C Bakery and Cafe in Cupertino. Now I’ve reviewed 85°C before. In fact, it was one of my first posts for this blog and that was back when the San Jose branch opened on De Anza.

100 posts later, I’m reviewing the grand opening of the Cupertino branch.

Awesome! Wow! (For all the Hamilton fans out there!)

They were kind enough to extend an invitation to me so that I can attend the media preview on Friday, August 12th at 8 AM.

Yes, I somehow managed to roll myself out of bread, made myself presentable and drive all the way down to Cupertino in one piece. I am very proud of myself!

That said, while I am not a morning person, plenty of people are more than happy to stand out at 7:30 AM in the morning to wait in line for the 9:00 AM grand opening. When I arrived, the line was about 15 people deep, and it only expanded and grew, reaching all the way down to the Meet Fresh location that was further down the plaza.

Never mess with Asians when it comes to bread. We are on a different level when it comes to grand openings for bakeries.

At the media preview, they showcased their newest products including two Sriracha items for savory bread lovers. I tried the one with the sausage and sure enough, there was the kick or the zing you expect from Sriracha paired with sausage and soft pillowy bread.

They also introduced a new lemon angel cake, Napoleon (or better known as a Mille-feuille). The distinctive layers make it a beautiful dessert to look at and certainly instagram-worthy, but difficult to eat. My mouth simply does not have the capacity to take a bite out of the Napoleon so I had to resort to splitting the pastry into two.

Different from a traditional Napoleon, the 85°C version involves layers of sponge cake (in this case, chocolate and vanilla) sandwiched between French cream, tiramisu filling and rum marinated raisins and cranberries. The result is a delightfully complex pastry that’s crunchy, flaky and nutty while not being overly sweet.

Unlike the other 85°C in the Bay Area, the Cupertino branch is on the smaller side and does not have a separate counter for drinks. They have a few small tables and a counter fitted with chairs for customers. So expect it to be a snug fit when venturing out to 85°C during a busy day.

That said, it’s in a great location surrounded by a ton of restaurants in a plaza that’s still growing and opening up new shops as I speak.

Ribbon Cutting Grand Opening
Head over to 85°C Bakery and Cafe now to snatch up goodies during their opening weekend! And look at this adorable quote~ Many things can be fixed with chocolate. The good stuff! #truth

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85°C Bakery Cafe Cupertino
19459 Stevens Creek Blvd
Suite 100
Cupertino, 95014

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