Happy 4th of July!

2:13:00 PM

I’m young, scrappy, and hungry!

It goes without saying that 4th of July is a big deal in America. Besides Thanksgiving and Christmas, I think this is the busiest time for travel. I’m talking road trips, weekends to SoCal, to Tahoe, to Portland, to Napa, to Vegas, to Seattle, to Vancouver and etc.

...Basically anywhere within an hour or two flight radius.

As for me? I’m chilling in the Bay Area this fourth, catching up on my movies (Finding Dory, anybody?) and quality R&R with my friends and family.

Also visited a brand spankin' new boba shop. Can you guess where? 
My aunt invited me and the entire family over to her house yesterday for a BBQ.

Short Ribs.
Pandan Waffle

Wings, short ribs and kebabs on the grill
Roasted Corn.

Vietnamese dessert.

Japanese Cheesecake

I think I’m heading to a car dealership. I’m searching for a replacement for my ‘97 Nissan Altima that has seen better days. There’s only 90,000 miles on it, but the constant stalling is bothering me. And seeing as how we can’t seem to find the root of the problem, I rather not take my chances and get another car.

I’m eyeing the Honda Civic EX, but specifically in Aegean Blue. It’s the Whovian trying to fulfill my life-long dream of owning a TARDIS. I even have a license plate frame tucked away in the corner of my room just begging for me to use on this current non-existent car.

Have a fantastic and safe Independence Day! If you’re watching fireworks, where at? When I was younger, my family use to watch it in the parking lots nearby Great America. And funny enough, that was how I spent it last year, after I ran my way up a parking garage. Intrigued? You can read all about it here.

Meanwhile, I’ll be blasting the Hamilton soundtrack off my laptop and finishing up Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. That’s some form of patriotism, right?

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