The Boba Files: Café LaTTea (Cupertino, CA)

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File #003: Hot spot at night for tea and coffee enthusiasts

I just want to say ‘Happy First Day of Summer’! Now if only the weather outside is a bit more summer-like. While it’s relatively warm, the skies are overcast. I have returned from my extremely short trip from South Korea and I have plenty of food photos and stories. I’m thinking of writing a cumulative post one of these days once I have successfully sort all my photos as well as myself out.

Jet lag is a cruel mistress. I was not prepared to wake up disoriented not knowing the time, date or location of where I was. It was extremely unsettling, but now that I do know, I’ll be better prepared for next time.

Where was I? Right, the Review!

Today, I have another addition to the Boba Files. This time, it is Café LaTTea located in the heart of Cupertino. Café LaTTea has been opened for about a year and is a fairly small café located close to the Valco Mall. If you’re not careful when you’re driving by, it’s very easy to miss it due to the location. It sits out in front of an apartment complex, so parking can be difficult during high traffic times.

It’s a brightly lit during the morning, thanks to the many windows and welcoming during the night. The café is decorated in a minimalist fashion with white chairs and simply adorn portraits on the walls. They recently switched some of their tables out for high tables so that people can stand around while waiting for their drinks and just to free up more room. 

Their menu is displayed on several flat screens and I want to say they were one of the first milk tea places in the Bay Area to offer “crema/sea salt foam”. For their drinks, they also allow you to customize the sweetness level as well as how much ice you want in your drink. They offer a variety of tea, coffee, honey bread, desserts and macarons, but I have only tried their teas and honey bread before. 

Snowfall Green Tea

For their cold drinks, they only offer it in one size and it’s bigger than the average milk tea cups. As for their lattes, if you plan to drink it in the café, they give it to you in their porcelain latte cups, but you can also request it in a regular take-out cup.

Oolong Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly
Caramel Milk Tea

Their honey bread is humungous and I recommend that you do not attempt to eat the entire thing yourself. In fact, I don’t think I ever seen anyone completely finish the entire plate of honey bread. Usually the shell of the bread box is left over.

Matcha Temptation

The few times I have been here, it is an extremely popular spot to hang out at night. The crowd is primarily young people in college or in their twenties hanging out with friends. Expect long lines and difficulties finding seats on Friday to Sunday nights. Much like most boba places around the Bay, they close at 11 PM. During the morning and afternoon though, it’s a great place to study since the foot traffic is much slower during those times. They also accept Five Stars, so don’t forget to swipe your card when you’re there.

Do you have a favorite drink you swear by? Have any of you ever finished those massive toasts? Do you have a favorite barista? 

Café LaTTea
19501 Stevens Creek Blvd

Cupertino, CA 95014

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