Piatti Ristorante & Bar (Santa Clara, CA)

7:30:00 AM

Out of my budget Italian dining with family

By now, you probably notice a pattern in the type of restaurants I visit. For the most part, I don’t have a huge budget when it comes to dining out. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat, but my wallet speaks larger volume than the capacity of my stomach.

Therefore, on the rare occasions that I do get invited out with family for some fine dining, I sit back and enjoy the different type of dishes and cuisines. My younger cousin recently graduated from middle school earlier June, so my aunt decided to treat him, his family and I out for dinner. I’ve been hearing about Piatti for years because it has been a place that she frequent with her coworkers. 
I would describe it as a stylish, but homely Italian cuisine. It’s not exactly a place I would go often with friends. We prefer Maggiano’s Little Italy—mostly because of their ‘buy one pasta, get one to take home’ offer.  But—that’s another story. Another tangent… let’s get back to the main point.
We made reservations for the restaurant on Saturday at 6:30 PM and were escorted promptly by a server to our table. It was still relatively bright during that time, so we sat under the open sky roof on a long wooden table that gives it a rustic edge. It was open kitchen, so you were able to see all the chefs working their magic in the back.

Our server first gave us cold water in this awesome glass bottle. I’m a total sucker for little details like that and I like how they chilled the water, but there weren’t any ice in it. Afterwards, we ordered the Semolina Fried Calamari, Mediterranean Sugo as a starter (forgot to take a photo. I must’ve been too hungry) and for an entrée, I got the Baked Ziti with Italian sausage, mushrooms, marinara, cream and mozzarella. 

It was hot and hearty and just enough for a serving. This may not be enough for say a guy though. My 14 year old cousin ate it and it seemed like he still had room in his stomach because he stole a slice of pizza from his older brother. 

The other entrees my family got were the linguini with clams, house-made Italian sausage pizza and the chopped romaine salad with chicken. We were served promptly (the restaurant was pretty empty in the main dining room, minus the larger parties being served in the private rooms) and I like how they took notice when it came to coming around to ask how we like our meal. It’s like they always choose that moment where you’re stuffing your face with food to ask. Right, I’ll just chew quickly and swallow or mumble incoherently.

At the end of our meal when we were being presented with the check, my aunt noticed that Piatti’s recommended tip was taken from the total not including tip rather than the included tip amount. I personally thought that was a nice tip. They didn’t even include an automatic gratuity even though we had 6 people. Needless to say, Piatti received a generous tip that evening.  

I know Piatti isn’t even considered that high when it comes to fine dining. So where do you like to splurge at when it comes to fine dining?

3905 Rivermark Plaza
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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