Spaghetti Sunday!

8:35:00 PM

Once bitten, twice shy. At least I didn’t burn down the house~

This blog is rightfully named Bay Area Menu Files, so there should be more menus and restaurants on here than cooking, but the acronym is also BAMF, and well… I feel as though it wouldn’t be right of me to run this blog if I don’t have some cooking skills up my sleeve.  Though I’ll say I have years of experience under my belt if you include all the cooking and food related shows I watched over the years. 

I just lack the field experience.

Now, I’m no Gordon Ramsay, Alton Brown, Rachael Ray and definitely… not Paula Deen, but I can whip up simple recipes. There aren’t many opportunities for me to whip out my cooking after graduating from college, but yesterday night WAS the night!

I channeled my inner domestic goddess and made spaghetti last night for my parents and I. 

It was a very simple dish. I bought a jar of pasta sauce from the store, two red bell peppers (parents insisted on having some sort of vegetable in the mix) along with half a red onion (I prefer white, but we had red in the fridge) and a box of mushrooms. There was half a bag of leftover meatballs in the freezer and I just grabbed a box of spaghetti from the pantry.

My dad, having not witnessed me cook anything beyond a fried egg was rather uneasy, to put it lightly. I put a pot of water on the stove and waited for it to boil while I worked on my mise en place. I pop the onion in the fridge and let my fridge do its work (TIP: It works to prevent your eyes from watering) while I sliced up the bell peppers and mushrooms. 

When the water boiled, I salted the water (how salty does it need to be? As salty as the ocean) and added the pasta. I like my pasta al dente, but my parents prefer it softer so I adapted it to their preference. Once the pasta was done and drained, I reused the pasta pot to make the sauce.

First of all, I added the onions, cooked them until they were translucent and then added the bell peppers and finally the mushroom. After cooking them off, I transferred half of it into a shallow pan where I would mix my spaghetti. I poured half of the jar of sauce into the pasta pot, added the meatballs and poured the remainder in the shallow pan where I mixed in the still warm spaghetti.

Why, two pans you ask? Dad: More Sauce. Mom: Less Sauce. So this way I can accommodate both of them. 

The spaghetti turned out pretty well. It was tasty and my parents enjoyed it. However, next time, I may want to put less sauce on mine. I used Classico’s four cheese sauce and the meatballs were well seasoned, so I might either use less sauce next time or switch the sauce out with something else.

Do you have a preference between meat sauce or meat balls? Jar sauce or are you hardcore and make your own?

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