Paris Baguette (Milpitas, CA)

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Paris Baguette: French Name, Korean Bakery

I’m sure it’s not just me who wonders this, but why do Korean bakeries have French names? Tous Les Jours. Paris Baguette. Perhaps it just sounds better in French? Or the Koreans have an odd fascination with the French. Well whatever it is, let me reassure you that Paris Baguette, while it sounds French, is actually an Asian Bakery.

They have a number of locations in California and I use to frequent the Paris Baguette in Lawrence Plaza. Just recently, they decided to open a new location in Milpitas, which is the one I’ll be talking about and I think even more recently, they opened another one in Saratoga. It’s located in the same plaza as Mitsuwa, Daiso and Santouka. 

I visited the Milpitas location on the Friday night of its Grand Opening weekend. The new Paris Baguette is located in the same plaza as Jang Su Jang and Tofu House (the two very very popular Korean restaurants). It took over the Kinko’s location so it’s quite spacious. It looks even bigger in the inside thanks to the mirrors lining the right side of the walls along with reflective panels on the roof. 

When my friends and I arrived at about 8:30 that night, there was a substantial line, but I was disappointed with the amount of breads left. Part of me was expecting 85°C Bakery with their constant “fresh breads” even at 9 PM at night. Since the shelves were empty, we decided to try the patbingsoo and their green tea latte instead.

Challenger: The Valiant Trio VS. Defender: Paris Baguette’s Fruit Patbingsoo FIGHT!

First I would like to say: the shaved ice is massive. And this wasn’t even the largest size. They have a large, which is absolutely ridiculous. A family of 6 or 7 ordered it and the plate was the size of a small child. I kid you not, you’ll need a shovel (or well at least a bigger spoon) and a pretty strong brain resistant to brain freeze to finish that platter of ice. 

We ordered the fruit shaved ice and I applaud whichever server who put together our shaved ice because there was so much fruit that we had to dig for the ice. We also added extra sweet rice (aka: mochi on steroids) and those were a nice addition, but I believe there might have been red bean paste in them. Long story short: we did not finish the shaved ice. It was too much for three girls who just finished eating sushi. 

So despite being defeated by the shaved ice… we’ll come back for you—the iced green tea latte was pretty refreshing and I liked the seating arrangements in the bakery. The place was very clean and elegant looking, with the eclectic lights, mirror panels and white furniture. There were long tables in the center with bench seating to accommodate huge groups or single seater and more structured tables and chairs on the side of the café for small groups. 

After the grand opening, I had the chance of visiting Paris Baguette again and while the crowd has died down, they still get a steady flow of customers. And for those who have yet to experience the infamous Cronut, Paris Baguette does sell their version of it. Pretty good, if you’re into artery-clogging, heart-stopping deliciousness. My suggestion: buy one and split it.

My favorite thing to eat at Paris Baguette award goes to their royal pudding (when I can get my hands on it. They don’t always have it). What’s your must-try at Paris Baguette?

249 W Calaveras Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035

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