A Slice of New York (San Jose, CA)

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New Yorkkkk~ Concrete Jungles Where Pizza is Made of, There’s Nothing You Can’t Do…

Sorry California. Not that I don’t like your pie.

But sometimes a girl craves something different for her tastebuds.

Hello New York!

A Slice of New York had been on my foodie radar for a while now, but pizza never comes up when my friends and I are looking to grab a quick bite. So one day when one of my friends suggested to grab lunch, I naturally gravitated towards A Slice of New York.

We headed to the San Jose location which was located on Stevens Creek Boulevard
not too far away from Valleyfair Mall. A Slice of New York has a reputation for being a hole-in-the-wall sort of establishment in a slightly janky location.

But it adds to the charm of the place.

If you drive too fast, you’ll miss it. That’s for sure. We nearly missed it and this was with me using Google maps.

We pulled up to the little strip.. mall or center and parked ourselves behind the furniture or car parts shop (I can’t remember) before making our way over to the pizza place. As described by others who have frequent this place, it’s not a place you would want to sit down for a meal. It’s more of a “call-in and pick up” pizza shop. They have a really small shop space that’s decorated with a plethora of trinkets and signs that screams New York. You have a register up in the front alongside a fridge for drinks and salads.

The shop is always bustling with activity from the pizza makers busy making pies in the back to the line of hungry customers waiting out in the front. For those who are eager for slices of pizza, there’s a rack in the front with a few already baked and waiting to be eaten.

Pepperoni & Sausage (left), Pepperoni & Mushrooms (right)
TH and I each ordered a slice of pizza, plus a small order of garlic knots (3) and a frozen lemonade to share. I got the pepperoni and mushrooms ($3.50) and she got the pepperoni with sausage. The pizza is tossed into the oven and reheated when you place an order and they give it to you piping hot on a paper plate.

For those who are unfamiliar with New York style pizza, it’s essentially a thin crust pizza that’s pretty light on the tomato sauce. It’s also super big, so the way to eat it is to do the fold or else it gets pretty difficult to hold in one hand.

How could I not post a close up? 
The pizza at A Slice of New York was finger-burning, greasy and full of flavor. Definitely keep some napkins on hand because it’s a messy affair. There was a good crust that was browned, but not overly and the ingredients were well dispersed. One slice was more than enough to fill me up and we still had garlic knots.

Perfect garlicky buns.
Garlic knots are pieces of dough that are baked off and basted with a garlic/olive oil mixture. It comes with a side of marinara for dipping. These were messy and piping hot—so fluffy and glossy from the mixture that I could devour the entire small order if I hadn’t already finished a slice of pizza.

Close up of the pepperoni and sausage
We sat in a corner of the shop, next to the door while we devoured our slices. Perfect if you like to people watch, but it was pretty warm inside. Not that it was much better outside… They had 2-3 makeshift tables outside for those who wanted to linger around like us. TH ordered a frozen lemonade, which she then shared some with me. It was a thick slurpee consistency, with very fine ice grains. It was a nice and refreshing, balancing out against the salty and savory of the pizza.

During our quick lunch there, we soon realize what an eclectic bunch we were. All sorts of people visits, from families to big burly guys ordering slices of pepperoni and cheese pizza. But pizza is the unifying pie that brings us all together.

I bet the Italians weren’t thinking of that when they invented the pizza!

Next time you’re in the area and you want something simple and cheap, stop by A Slice of New York. Drop by during their down time if you don’t want to wait too long.

Correction: Thanks for the clarifications! Just heard it from the professionals themselves, it's a garlic/olive oil mixture on the garlic knots. No butter involved! :)

What type of pizza do you prefer? California style? New York style? Chicago Deep Dish? Or you skip that and go for authentic Italian? Where is your favorite pizza place?

3443 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA 95117

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  1. Thanks for the very fun blog post! We're so glad you gave us a try and enjoyed your slices and knots (next time you need to try the cannoli)!
    As a point of clarification, the knots are tossed in a house-made garlic/olive oil mixture, then sprinkled with parmesan. We don't use any butter in our shops.
    Hope to see you again soon! -M&K

    1. Thanks for dropping by and reading my post! I had a great time at A Slice of NY. I'll definitely come back soon for the cannolis. I also made the corrections in the post so that my readers won't be confused. :)