The Boba Files: Super Cue Cafe (Cupertino, CA)

7:30:00 AM

File #015: Oh, Super Cue~

Oh, Super Cue
Oh, Super Cue
Baby, I love you, Super Cue

I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk, Super Cue

So I’m back this week with another review from The Boba Files.

Did anybody get my song reference up on top? If you do, leave me a comment! If you don’t, leave me a comment and I’ll tell you.

For those of you who are longtime readers of this blog, you’re probably wondering where I get all these obscure references from. Truth of the matter is, I’m a bit of a walking encyclopedia.  I take in a lot of information and make the most obscure connections.

Hence, all these weird references…

Anyways… back on topic, Super Cue Cafe recently opened a store in Cupertino, taking over the old Verde Tea storefront. What happened to Verde? Well.. rumors had it that they forgot to renew their lease or something along those lines. Whatever vague circumstances it may be, Verde mysteriously disappeared overnight.

The sign is adorable!
They’re located in the plaza with Gyu-kaku, Daiso, Marukai, Beard Papa’s and several other stores. Super Cue had their grand opening back in May. Somehow YL and I picked the perfect time to visit because we made it just in time for their opening promotion. So drinks were all half off!

When we arrived, it was a little after 2 and there was already a line forming inside the store. The store was packed with two huge groups of older Chinese ladies chatting enthusiastically over their finished drinks. While a long line was starting to form behind us as the nearby high schoolers had just gotten out of school.

As I stood in line with YL, the two of us squinting to get a better look at the menu from a distance, I took notice of their colors.

Green and Orange.

What did that remind me of? Oh right, the Irish flag!

No, there weren’t any Irish people around. (And the closest Irish thing they sold were probably sweet potato fries.) Just a lot of teenagers, college students and a handful of older ladies wanting to get their hand on some cheap milk tea.

For those who are familiar with the old Verde, you already know that seating inside is an impossibility unless you’re willing to fork out the dough. Well well well, goodbye Verde because Super Cue lets you sit inside regardless of how much you spend.

I guess.. we'll ignore the misspelling.
They took down the little separator they had dividing the front register and the seats and essentially opened up the area by changing the colors and adding more tables to make it a welcoming place to come in for a drink with friends or family.

Tea Samples for you to smell
The registers are all towards the back of the restaurant. They take credit card and if I remember correctly, I think they took orders using Square.

Their menu is large, but a bit hard to see from the back. Though you can always just pull up the menu on your phone. All regular size drinks are LARGE in other boba places, but the prices are pretty reasonable. I believe they offer the chubby cups if the “normal” isn’t enough. My drink came out to less than $2.50 with the discount. They also offer an assortment of snack choices-- typical of boba houses.

Super adorable lids.
I ordered the Genmaicha  milk tea with boba. YL got the Hojicha, I believe. They must’ve been pretty well staffed in the drink making area that day because they were cranking drinks out super quickly.

the "regular"
The Genmaicha was robust and nutty, but sweet. I have to make a note to ask for less sweetness next time. Milkier and smoother than I expected, but overall pretty good. The boba was chewy, perfect and still warm, probably because it was a new batch.

The line snaked out the door over the course of the time we were there and by the time we left, we had to maneuver our way between people to get out the door.

One comment is: they need to find a better way to call out drinks because I can’t hear them over the chatter and the music. You would need to stand close to to the drink counter if you want to be able to hear them call your number. So perhaps.. a microphone? Or someone with excellent lungs capacity?

I’ve heard mixed reviews though... The next time my friends went, they said their drinks ended up watered down. So they can be inconsistent depending on when you visit. I know there are a couple other Super Cue in the Bay Area. How does their newest Cupertino location stack up to the other locations?

19620 Stevens Creek Blvd
Ste 180
Cupertino, CA 95014

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    1. Yup! You're right! It was between that and the Jolin song. Lool.