Moveable Feast Eastridge - Treatbot/Adam's Grub Truck/Koja Kitchen Truck (San Jose, CA)

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Welcome to Moveable Feast Eastridge, the Feast Where Everything is in Food Trucks and the Calories Don’t Matter.

… That’s right, the calories are just like going to Tomi Sushi after working out at 24 Hrs Fitness next door.

Moveable Feast is your daily “pop-up” food truck gathering for the local community.


They are out and about every day of the week in different locations throughout the Bay Area to serve the masses. Some days, it’s for lunch, other days it’s for dinner, but when you see it, you can’t miss it.

At the end of April, Moveable Feast added a new location to their roster: Eastridge. Seeing as how it was in my neck of the woods, YL and I decided to go pay them a visit. A gathering of food trucks are always more fun than just a lonely one by itself.

To skip the crowd, we went early to find parking and also to wander around Eastridge for a bit. Once dinner time rolled around, we headed out to the Moveable Feast location (near Barnes & Noble).

FYI: The location has since then changed. They’re over at the VTA area now.

I think because it was the “first” night, the whole neighborhood showed up to join in the festivities. They even had a DJ spinning while families, couples, and friends wandered from food truck to food truck, looking at all the selections. The food trucks surround the area in U-shape and stacks and stacks of buckets were in the middle for quick make-shift seating.

My second visit was nowhere near as crowded as PC and I visited in early June. The two of us couldn’t conjure up a place to go that Saturday so I suggested Moveable Feast since she mentioned that she was interested in checking it out.

There were a variety of selections from BBQ to Korean/Mexican fusion to desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can definitely find something to fit the whole family. MoGo’s is a favorite of mine and they were there both times I was there, but I wanted to try something new and different.

Treatbot: Satisfying your Sweet Tooth, One Scoop at a Time

On both my visits, Treatbot was there to greet me like an old friend-- which to a certain extent is the truth because I have a very long relationship with ice cream. I dare say, even longer than I know all my friends.

So… there you have it. I’m sure they’re not jealous because it goes both ways.

Anyways, the first time I was there with YL, we were desperately hoping that there was Thai Tea ice cream (or at least I was) and there wasn’t. So we got The 408 instead. The 408 is all I wanted in a guilty-pleasure-I-fear-no-calories ice cream. It’s a caramel ice cream, with fudge and oreo cookies.

BAM! It’s sweet. It’s indulgent. It’s sinfully delicious.

And I devoured it all and washed it down with some Starbucks (peach green tea lemonade with strawberry).

Graham Cracker & Milk + Avocado Ice Cream
Second time around, they had interesting flavors, but sadly no Thai Tea. PC and I settled for the avocado and the graham cracker and milk. The taste from the avocado ice cream vaguely reminds me of the smashed avocado drink at Bambu. Except in Bambu, it was more deconstructed because you had avocado, condensed milk and ice.

The graham cracker and milk reminded me of the cereal milk you have remaining after you shoveled all the cereal into your mouth. All that’s left is the sugary milk that has mixed in with your cereal (my favorite being Frosted flakes with milk)-- but frozen with little graham cracker bits. Mm~

Treatbot always hit the spot and luckily for me, I no longer have to chase them around to see if their truck is nearby. Since I work in downtown San Jose, I could just walk over to San Pedro’s Square and grab Treatbot whenever I’m craving anything.

Treatbot, you may be needing your own separate post, if I can only remember to stop and take a photo every time I visit before I start devouring my ice cream.

100 N. Almaden Ave.
San Jose, CA 95110

Adam’s Grub Truck: Unleash your Inner Food Beast

During my first time at Moveable Feast, Adam’s Grub Truck has the longest line when we were walking around. So we decided to check them out. To my knowledge, they’re an eclectic fusion BBQ burger type of truck. YL and I wanted to split something because we were going to grab a bite at somewhere else later. So we decided on the Ultimate AGT Fries ($9) (or in my opinion, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-fries).

This massive mother of fries consists of crispy, hot-out-of-the-fryer waffle cut fries, topped with:
  • drunken pulled pork
  • bacon bits
  • shredded cheese
  • jalapenos (which neither of us touched because we can’t take the heat)
  • grubbin’ Asian slaw
  • Tapatio sauce
  • 2 dinosaur chicken nuggets (rawr!)
  • and an optional fried egg (which we didn’t add)

They weighed a ton.

And they were tasty in a stick-to-your-ribs sort of manner. The shredded cheese and bacon bits were really hidden from the view, but they gave a lot of fries and pulled pork. There’s a kick from the Tapatio sauce and the dinosaur chicken nuggets were a nice touch. Who said.. twenty-somethings can’t play with their food?!

Check their website for the events they’re attending.

Koja Kitchen Truck: Burgers and Fries with an Asian Flare

It was a nice surprise when we saw Koja Kitchen during my second visit to Moveable Feast. I tried out their food before a year or two back when they were at the Berryessa Night Market.

Kalbi Koja and Kamikaze Fries
The best way to explain their food is Asian fusion meets burgers and fries. PC and I both ordered the Kalbi Koja and the Kamikaze Fries to share. The Kalbi Koja is essentially a rice burger bun (rice compressed and pan-fried to hold up the shape) and filled with chunks of marinated Korean short ribs and an Asian slaw. It’s hearty, meaty and very filling.

It doesn’t look like much from the photo, but they don’t skimp out on the filling.

The Kamikaze Fries are waffle cut fries topped with:
  • Kalbi
  • Kimchi
  • Green Onions
  • Secret Sauce
  • Japanese Mayo

Umami bomb!

The waffle cut fries are a nice touch because all the sauce fill the nooks and cranny of the fries and it gives space for the kimchi and kalbi to sit as you grab a hold of them with your fork.

Their secret sauce is sweet and spicy, which makes me think they used some sort of gochujang in the mixture somewhere. Or maybe sriracha?

Definitely pay them a visit if you happen to be in Berkeley or San Francisco. They’re there more often than they are in the South Bay.

2395 Telegraph Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704

I think it’s great that Moveable Feast has a location in the East Side of San Jose, since all the other locations were always too far away for me to visit. I hope this holds up so that I can get my food truck fixing whenever I get the cravings.

Moveable Feast Eastridge happens every Saturday from 5 PM to 9 PM. So go shopping at Eastridge and when you get hungry, just drive your car around or walk over for some grub!

My question is: what happens when the weather gets colder and it starts raining? They pull out the tarps? Or does everybody huddle around under a sea of umbrellas?

Eastridge Mall
410 Capitol Expwy
San Jose, CA 95136

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