85°C Bakery Café (San Jose, CA)

10:30:00 AM

Let them eat cake! Marie Antoinette infamous said (or not said, the verdict is still out). And let me say, a lot of people were eating cake that weekend. I went to the Grand Opening weekend of 85°C Bakery Café and they were not kidding about the lines. My friends and I passed by the shop Sunday afternoon, on our way to Music Tunnel KTV for a few hours of karaoking.

At that time, the place was already hopping, with the lines zigzagging and wrapping around several times, extending towards the other shops. The plaza was newly opened with few other stores in business, but the parking lot was packed. Why?

85°C Bakery Café! 

Honestly, I have never seen so many people (95% Asian) go crazy for bread. We headed over to the bakery after dinner at approximately 8:30 PM and even at that time there was a moderately long line outside. Between standing outside and then moving inside (in increments about 5), it took me half an hour to get inside.

Interior & Ambiance

They had a huge corner store and the interior was brightly lit with these interesting orb lights. I wish I took a photo of it because it reminds me of the huge orb lights in Chem 194 (now known as Rock Hall) at UC Davis, but prettier and nowhere near as dirty. 

Clockwise: Coffee Bread (w/ Mochi & Red bean), Green Tea Roll, Almond sponge cake, Sweet Brioche, Two egg tarts
On the right was the cases filled with bread, in your usual U-formation, with an island in the middle with more bread. They were consistently releasing fresh bread every few minutes. I have to say the set up was a little chaotic though. It looked like there was plenty of bread, but in reality just plenty of bread in the same variety here and there. Some trays did not have names stating the name so that wasn’t particularly helpful. I’ll chalk it up to the chaos and the fact it was the opening weekend so all the workers are still getting used to everything.

Desserts. May I have.. one of each?

The drinks menu, a bit blurry.. whoops.

On the left was an island that separated the registers. This is where the workers bag up your bread for you before you pay. Also located there are… the CAKES and DESSERTS. I will definitely make a return visit just to sample those. And further left is the drinks station aka the café section.

I can’t speak much about the ambiance during the grand opening besides it being loud and filled with people. I’m sure once the crowd dies down, it’ll be a pleasant place to read a book and study. Or just to catch up with friends.


Overhyped? Perhaps. After trying everything I bought with my friends and family, I have to say, it wasn’t extraordinary. It was yummy, but not enough to justify a long wait. It was also pricier than the other Chinese bakeries you find around the Bay (Kee Wah and Sheng Kee), but around the ballpark of the Korean bakeries (Paris Baguette and TOUS le JOURS).

Sea Salt Foam Jasmine Tea
However, I would come back for the drinks and the desserts. I really liked their sea salt foam tea-- even if it cost me a night of sleep. I guess I never learn, but TEA! I guess in the battle of tea and sleep, tea will always win. 

Anybody a huge fan of 85°C Bakery Café? Did I miss something? Is there something I absolutely must try? 

85°C Bakery Cafe
183 S. De Anza Blvd.
Ste 10
San Jose, CA 95129

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