Hello! Welcome to BAMF!

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Hey guys! This is Amy, coming to you from the beautifully sunny Bay Area; mecca of many many food cultures and goodies—and also known as the Silicon Valley. But we can ignore that bit. During the day I’m your savvy and reliable Marketing Intern and at night I’m your residential Food Blogger who has a little too much time on her hands and wants to spread her wealth of foodie knowledge. 

To give you a little background about myself, I grew up in a Chinese household with a huge extended family who loves food. Literally, most of the conversations I hear on a daily basis between my mom and my aunts revolve around either a) supermarkets b) restaurants c) recipes or d) their children. We eat when we’re happy. We eat when we’re sad. If everything goes wrong, you can still guarantee food on the dinner table. My family is huge on the idea of cooking and I grew up believing that out of all my materialistic possessions, food comes 1st in line. 

So what is this blog about? 

  1.  FOOD. 
  2.  Specifically restaurants around the Bay Area (I did call it Bay Area Menu Files for a reason. And NO, I didn’t only do that because I wanted the acronyms to make up BAMF. Alright… maybe a little bit.)
  3.  Reviews of so-said restaurants + cafes (expect a lot of mini-reviews on milk tea)
  4.  Cooking/Baking (I’m saying it now, but I can’t guarantee anything. Cooking is not my forte. I experimented back in college, but they weren’t all successes. I pride myself in saying I have not given myself or my roommates’ food poisoning though.)
  5.  And any other food related things that come to mind. I like to keep an open mind. 
With that said, until next time my foodie adventurers! I'll see you soon. 

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